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The Inner


Where is your life path calling you? What areas need to be fulfilled within you? Are you allowing the inner critic to deter you from your destiny? From your wholeness? Nobody can walk the path for you; it’s something you must do on your own. Many people are afraid, and through disbelief, allow fear to paralyze them. They don’t want to venture on the path before them. This causes many difficult dilemmas that fuel unrealized dreams: complacency, mediocrity, stagnation of the soul, excuse making, and feeling like a victim.

The Inner Critic, by author Montriel V. Jamari, offers a fascinating look at the psychology of the inner voice inside us all. Touching on family history, attachment, race, cultural issues and personal stories, The Inner Critic invites us to create a different story other than the one that has been told about us. He addresses where the voice comes from, why it’s so powerful, and how it influences our life’s path

Through Montriel’s personal stories, experiences and his work as a therapist, The Inner Critic seeks to understand and find ways of silencing the negative voice and placing the power of choice back into our hands. The Inner Critic offers hope and encouragement through the guidance of simple, yet profound, questions helping us to author a new narrative for ourselves.

MONTRIEL V. JAMARI, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has been working in the Butte County area in both the public and private sectors for a combined twenty-five years. Currently in private practice, Mr. Jamari is practicing therapy in the same area where he grew up. Being passionate about guiding people to move through obstacles in their way, Mr. Jamari is dedicated to his unique style of psychotherapy.

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