Individual Therapy & Coaching

Individual therapy is a team effort between yourself and Montriel. Together you’ll create goals of your therapy program as a first step to inspire change in your life. Therapy may push you but together we’ll, address those hard to face issues.

Individual therapy supports people in overcoming obstacles that have hindered their well-being. It will create positive feelings like compassion and self-esteem. People in individual therapy can learn ways to better handle and navigate challenging situations, make healthy life choices, and reach goals.

In individual therapy with Montriel, many reflect back and find they enjoyed the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware. Many people continue in their self growth with ongoing therapy. In a therapy with Montriel, you may discuss issues like:


Anger can be a constant struggle for many. Some people struggle with underling anger that have been lingering for years. Anger can be a constant reminder for unresolved grief, resentment, sources of insecurity, guilt, emotional injury, not feeling understood, or being “wronged” by others. Maybe you have these feelings and you don’t know how express them constructively. You may be noticing that anger is tearing apart your relationship with others especially those who you care about the most. This can make it incredibly difficult for you to feel at peace with yourself and to continue to build lasting meaningful relationships. You can choose to manage these feelings better through therapy. Let’s work together in putting anger to rest!


Anxiety can cause disruptions in every aspect of your life. It can affect your job performance, social life, relationship with your significant other. Anxiety can make it difficult to focus and to achieve the fruitful and productive life that you are seeking. Excessive worry, racing thoughts are a byproduct of an anxious mind. Anxiety is a common and natural human reaction that people experience both in their everyday lives, and at particular moments of heightened experiences. Some levels of anxiety can be healthy and provide motivation to help with problem solving around concerning issues. Anxiety more commonly is known to block moments of happiness. Financial stress, relationship issues, job related problems are just some of the issues that have a tendency to increase anxious feelings. Choose to let go of anxiety’s hand through therapy.


Depression is unusual in many ways. It is something that can or cannot be seen outwardly. Sometimes people go through life without anyone knowing that they are suffering from depression. It can be a nagging pain that weights heavy on you throughout the day. Depression can follow you in your day-to- day activities often suppressing any ounce of pleasure. Depression can sap your energy, motivation, and wreak havoc on your sex drive, making it difficult to live a life that is fruitful. Let’s work together in evicting depression out of your life so that you can be free to live the life that you deserve!

Family Conflict/Communication

The key to improving communications is to uncover each other’s emotional needs. Building your communication in therapy can help you understand your personal needs and that needs of others. Building communication can help you to respond in a way that supports connection with others. Once we learn how to talk about our needs in an authentic, direct way with our partner, family members, co- workers or significant others communication becomes easier.


Grief is a normal response to loss during or after a disaster or other traumatic event. Grief can happen in response to loss of life, as well as to drastic changes to daily routines and ways of life that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability.  Unresolved grief can linger for years often affecting our quality of life.  Having acknowledgment of the grief that one is and experiencing and effective interventions to help to bring closure.

Montriel also offers therapy on issues such as Gambling Disorder, Life Transitions, Personal Growth, Parenting, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse and Social Anxiety/Discomfort.

Couples Therapy & Coaching

Being with someone that you truly care about can be the most gratify experiences in one’s life. No matter how positive the relationship can be there present itself with challenges. Within the relationship there can be a communication breaks down, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, uncertainty, insecurity, frustrations, resentment, boundary crossing, criticism, or silencing

Couples therapy seeks to understanding these issues to provide a platform for two people to work through these difficulties. Therapy allows two people to feel safe to talk about the issues that are causing conflict. Therapy is also a place to gain skills to work through these issues. With hard work and dedication to the process people who choose couples therapy can come to a peaceful resolve.

In couples therapy with Montriel you’ll learn about healthy communication and conflict resolution surrounding issues such as money and financial stability, respect and validation, grief and loss, expectations in a relationship, and even power struggles. Montriel may also focus on:


Do you feel like you just can’t seem to communicate with your partner anymore? Are you no longer sharing your feelings with each other? Perhaps you're worried your partner has secrets. You may even be feeling unable to trust your partner and have a sense they are hiding something and suffering guilt. Essentially, you feel you're drifting further and further apart. Not communicating is the root cause of many problems in relationships and these feelings are an indication that communication breakdown is happening. It’s often difficult to see what is going wrong on our own. If you're not communicating effectively it's because you're stuck in a strong pattern you can’t see. Montriel will help you identify and call out this self-defeating pattern.


When an affair happens, the betrayed and the betrayer are affected. The good news is that healing can happen even though trust has been broken. When both are willing to roll up their sleeves and be patient as the betrayed partner works through the loss of innocence and trust, then rebonding will happen. You'll learn to accept that the relationship as it was is over but a new and deeper love can be born. Both will learn to love in a new and empowered way. With time and commitment deep transition can occur and the the marriage, as impossible as it may seem can thrive again.

Parenting Struggles

There are many styles of parenting. Psychologists refer to parenting styles as either authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved, or authoritative or some variation of each of these. There is not right way, there is just your way, as parents. The goal is to parent as a team. You'll develop a unified view of your life goals for your family with Montriel. Once you have an overall plan in place for your family, then it's time to be concise about what you both agree is going to be your daily parenting routine. It's important to not only recognize the differences between your parenting styles but to also put real effort into understanding each others reasons for having those differences. What was your spouse's childhood like? How did they become who they are?

Sexual Issues

Two people can have different libido levels. Tension can create from not talking about sex and intimacy issues and related differences between two people. Left unresolved, one or both partners can feel bitter or neglected. Intimacy issues are often a symptom, not a cause. Therapy will help you look at the thoughts and feelings that might be the real reason for your roadblocks in the bedroom.

Major Life Changes

Retirement, moving, midlife crisis, health matters, and kids leaving home can have impact on a relationship. Further, when life changes for one person and not the other, there can be a sense you are suddenly living different lives. Even if you both experience the change, you might feel differently about it. Judgements and conflict can come into play, and you can drift apart. It's very common that one spouse will blame the other for the change. In couples therapy you can voice your opinions about the change in a helpful and constructive way. Montriel will facilitate a safe space and help you dive deep into asking the important questions about what is really going on. This will lead to new perspectives and ways to forge forward that you just couldn’t see on your own.
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