"He is a very innovative  and creative learner who adds these qualities to his engagement of others, particularly those he serves as a Mental Health Counselor." 


               - Art Sanchez, PhD, Psychology Department, CSU, Chico

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In the Spirit of Uhisani Watu 

In the Swahili language Uhisani Watu means to give back. It is an African based tenant I teach and live by. It encompasses concepts of philanthropy and giving back to the village and understanding the power of the collective whole. In the spirit of this deep seated cultural principal, I have spent a lifetime achieving my goals so that I could give back, share, influence, and inspire others.  

Master's Degree in Psychology

I received my Master's Degree in Psychology from Chico State University graduating with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Butte County Behaviorial Health

I worked at Butte County Behavioral Health for 17 years. During this course of time I had the pleasure of working full time with at risk children, youth and families in the Wrap Around Program. 

Therapy & Counseling Work

  • Provided therapy to couples, individuals and families from a strength based approach. 

  • Lead clinician for the African-American with work with the WRAP around program for Connecting Circles of Care.

  • Worked with the crisis stabilization unit as a clinician for individually within immediate crisis situation. 

  • Worked for Psychiatrist Health Facility counseling clients with acute mentally health diagnosis. 

Providing individual, group, and/or family counseling to those with mental health issues

I worked in behavioral health for the past 12 years. During this course of time I experienced the many facets of mental health and how it affects the individual as well as the family. In this experience I learned that the foundation of helping families who suffer from mental illness is establishing trust and rapport. Building a therapeutic alliance with the family conditions them in a manor that facilitates growth even when growth can sometimes be painful. I found that this alliance is effective and facilitates moments of enlightenment and self discovery. The stigma behind mental illness can be embarrassing. I found that being able to empathize with this shame helps the client to understand that they are not the only one who suffers from mental illness. I continue to be amazed by the value unconditional care and positive regard in helping clients to mange their own personal lives matters.  

Working in a primary care or hospital setting

When I worked for the Mobile Crisis Unit in Chico, California, I spent much of my time in hospitals assessing clients that were legally placed on involuntary psychiatric hold for mental disorders as they were a danger to themselves or others. This was one of the most challenging experiences in my career as a therapist. I was responsible for determining the urgency and severity of risk/self harm behaviors. Often, I found myself as the middle man between life and death of an individual who felt so hopeless that ending their seemed the only solution available. Planning client safety care was the number one priority in this work. I was honored to be part of an effective team at the Mobile Crisis Unit working alongside talented experts in the mental health industry. 

Experience with inpatient psychiatric facility

Working in an inpatient psychiatric facility was a humbling experience. I learned how fragile the mind is and how it easily anyone can find themselves behind the locked doors of the inpatient unit needing psychiatric assistance. I learned the value of holding clients with deep respect, even when they did not hold themselves in this way. I experience, firsthand, the ups and downs of the human condition and how important it is to be appreciative of the health we are given. 

Providing dual diagnosis or substance abuse treatment to individuals and groups

Working with people who suffer from mental illness along with drug/alcohol addiction can present unique challenges. In working with those overcoming addiction, I used the wrap around method which seeks to draw from an entire community of expert service providers who specialize in the specific fields of work related to drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. 

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