• Montriel V. Jamari

Ignite Your Passion! Three Powerful Tools to Unleash Your Calling

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

At a pivotal time in my life this incredible man, George Foreman, and I shared a powerful conversation. He told me some deeply meaningful words during one part of that conversation which changed my life, ignited my passions, and were the catalyst to the launch of my relationship coaching business. He said,

It was you who started the chain of kindness. Your face on the photos tells one wonderful story of Hope. Continue your journey for there are many of us out there who just need a bright message. “This is a good world.” Sincerely, George Foreman

What are you passionate about? What are some of your dreams that you think about during the day? How do you visualize your life in the future? Do you sometime day dream about where your life would have been if you made certain choices? It’s never too late to ignite your passion and reach for the dreams that you envision for your life. Here are three simple but effective tips to ignite the passions you hold true.

All Things are Tangible and Attainable

Absolute priority is to make your passions tangible. Start by writing down the dreams that your passionate about. Take action by turning your passions into your goals. If you’re thinking thoughts of your desires or seeing images and visions, these should be captured! Write them down in your personal Passion Journal. Imagine your journal as your personal place that belongs to you. This is where you have the freedom of writing down everything with no worry or concern about what others may think. The good thing about your personal journal is that you have ownership of it. Take advantage of it by placing a journal by your bedside. Also, it is proven that dreams bring us powerful insight and guidance. Begin tapping into your dream space. Usually, we almost instantly forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. Going forward, keep your journal near and in the moments you wake jot down what your recall of your dream – sights, sounds, colors, people, emotion, place, then look for the insight within. It’s there!

Stay the Course with Your Passions!

Next, put on blinders, forge forward, and stop at nothing! Don’t let any tell you that you can’t do it. Don't allow the negative opinions of others to divert your focus away from your passion and dreams. It is you that is the captain of your ship. By giving into the negative options of others you are choosing to give them the wheel of your vessel. Take control over helm and choose to sail into the horizon of your accomplishments.

You Have a Story to Tell ... Begin Telling It

What is your personal story? This question leads us into number three which is to understand the power of your life story. You are a unique individual and there never has or ever will be a single person in the known universe like you. You have a story that solely belongs to you and you alone. There is something about you that is solid gold. The catch is what you choose to do with the story of your life. No matter what you have been through or what your present circumstance is you are the author of your story. How you choose to script it out belongs to you. Now it’s time to shift your story into a passion that propels you forward in accomplishing your dreams.

Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you and with you. Begin today, and set the intention to ignite your passions. One step at a time. I did, and you can too!