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Relationship Coaching

Let's work together to release sabotaging patterns of behavior, identify better partners, heal the the past and unleash the power within, living the life you desire.

Personal Growth Coaching

Set intention, reclaim your autonomy, communicate effectively, engage in positive thought and beliefs for healthier, happier more fulfilling relationships.

Couples Coaching

Living an empowered life is your birthright. Choose to create the life you desire through self actualization, self love, and understanding relationship dynamic.

  • Discovering the empowered you!

    1 hr

  • Discovering The Warrior Inside!

    1 hr

  • Discovering the heroine inside!

    1 hr

  • Swahili Pamoja means"Together" and Upendo means"Love"

    1 hr

  • The King, The Queen and I

    1 hr

  • 6 hr 30 min

  • 10 hr

  • 12 hr

  • 1 hr


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