Traditional and Cultural African Wear

African clothing is colorful, comfortable, and quite unique! 


Traditionally, men wear a "Dashiki" which is a large sized shirt. It is rather long, ending slightly above the knees, can be form or loose fitting. There are a variety of patterns and designs on these shirts, notably near the base of the shirt and often around the neckline. Danshikis are commonly worn with men's pants called "Sokoto." The women of African wear "Kaftans" which come in a plethora of styles, unique prints, and striking colors. Some styles are free-flowing and others are well-fitted. 


Wearing African traditional or cultural clothing is a way to celebrate culture and heritage and to honor the grace, beauty, and divinity of the motherland. Wearing African clothing is far more than a mere fashion statement. Great detail and thought is given to each garment, each symbol placed on it, color choice, and even the shape of the clothing. A very specific purpose or meaning comes with each piece the tailor fashions.

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