African Based Practices

"As for us, Africa is not a lost continent but an imagined one."  Jack E. White

                                                           Couples Coaching

  • Mfame na mimi,“The King and I" and Malkia na mimi, "The Queen and I" is my theory on relationship building that celebrates gender differences within a partnership. This tenant is about being able to have and enjoy and maintain true intimacy by breaking down communication barriers and behavior that frustrate the relationship. This is accomplished by staying consistent to masculine energy and feminine energy.  The advantage of this is that it allows us to position ourselves for success. Honoring “The Crown” is a metaphor for understanding your partner’s power, voice, masculine/feminine energy and logical/emotional language respectively. This allows us to value, nurture and honor gifts and talents by protecting the sanctity of the relationship and igniting the passion.

  • Kujenga Himaya in Swahili means to Build an Empire. This is how a partnership can build financial freedom. This program seeks to teach the importance of security in a relationship and creating the opportunity to achieve your dreams. The underlying tenant is that other people can be set free by the choice that you make in the here and now. This is what I call legacy building.

  •  Kapata Madhumuni Divine is spiritual building, seeking and understanding our divine purpose within God or the Universe or nature using mindfulness training, meditation, and prayers. This is about how our spirituality helps us to meet our goals and expectations.

  • Uhisani Watu is all about giving to the people. This encompasses concepts of philanthropy and giving back and the village and understanding the power of the collective whole.



Mfangano Island, Africa

This is where I learned the techniques and strategies that I have incorporated into my theory, many of which have elements of folklore history. In the video, Subaland - Kenya, the first “Mazee” or Elder is my grandfather!  He was interviewed about "Itone" rock art.